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Website Refresh

Oversaw and designed the refresh of the Hero Digital website. The website puts our client work front and center in a clean full page flush with elegant animation and a simple interface that doesn't obstruct our content.  

(Left: Original , Right: Re-designed)


Hero Digital is a full service consulting agency dedicated to help businesses grow, transform, and perform in the digital economy. As the sole internal designer I was fully responsible for evolving and building the brand through executing a suite of deliverables from ideation to creation. 

  • Two Agency-wide Rebrands

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Website

  • Select Client Work ( Sephora, Service Now) 

  • Case Study Visuals

  • Marketing Campaigns & Google Ads

  • Client Pitches & RFPs ( Estee Lauder, Gap, Valvoline)

  • Social Suite Assets 

  • Event Booth Creatives (Sitecore Symposium, Adobe Summit)

  • Managing Contractors  & Interns

  • Marketing Printed Collateral ( Flyers, Brochures, Battle-cards, etc.)

E-mail Newsletter & Marketing Collateral 

Designed the agency-wide newsletter and one-column email templates for internal communication as well as demand generation for market leads and clients. 

Created the ( bottom left) "Omni-channel E-Guide" and the (bottom right) "Innovative Retail Walking Tour Guide" as content used to draw in-market leads and strengthen Hero Digital's innovative thought leadership. 

Motion Graphics for Social Engagement 

Designed bite size motion graphic video content for marketing client services and encouraging community engagement. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 11.00.42
Social Graphics

Designed marcom graphics for events, campaigns, and sponsorships throughout Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook. 

Pitch Reels

Storyboarded and executed sizzle reels for client work such as the Twitter Intranet Sizzle Reel shown below. 

Social Media Tiles

Designed social media deliverables across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

Just Cities 
Compassion in Oakland
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